2022 Ancestor's Trail Hike   

Tracing our common ancestry with all other multicellular life 
over the last billion years of evolutionary time. 
A 12.5k hike where each average stride = 60,000 years. 


Ancestor's Trail 2012

Posted by Kevin on June 28, 2012 at 12:35 AM

For the second annual Ancestor's Trail hike, we were blessed with a perfect day for hiking. The day started off bright and beautiful and as the sun rose to it's zenith, clouds moved in to protect us from burning. A light drizzle cooled us off as we ended at Pinecliff park with Sam from Squamata showing off some of his reptilian wards.

Based on our experience last year, we decided to start the hike at Erindale Park where parking was plentiful but kept the rendezvous stations the same so we were hiking from the dawn of multicellular animal life forms (Metazoans) into the complexity of evolution that resulted in the splendour of the biodiversity we see around us today including the path we followed to humanity.

Registration was scheduled for 8:00am at Erindale park and we were pleased to welcome 12 youth volunteers from Volunteering Peel with their student leader co-ordinator. They helped with the check-in stations along the route where hikers passports were validated with stickers. After some instructions to the volunteers and participants, we set off on the Culham Trail at 8:45am. The new rendezvous posters proved to be a hit with their QR codes allowing not only the participants but others using the trail to access more information regarding our common ancestry with many representative species surviving today.

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