Ancestor's Trail Hike - Alex's Pix Ancestor's Trail Hike - Alex's Pix Registration Signing in for the hike, getting passports authorized and name tags for participants. Also, there were a few people who had raised pledge money for Roots & Shoots. 130232650 Instructions Kevin giving some background information and instructions before setting off on the walk. 130232651 Concrete podium Kevin speaking from the concrete podium as John Jackson (Pres. HPHC) and Cheri Cowan (VP. HPHC) look on. 130232652 More instructions David Culham (centre with backpack) and Councillor Ron Starr (right, blue jacket) listen intently to introduction remarks. 130232655 Preparing to leave Passports in hand, 'Humans' are ready to leave on their first pilgrimage back in time. 130232657 Heading off on the Trail The 'Humans' start off on the 12.5k trail towards the first rendezvous with Chimps and Bonobo's 6 million years ago. Bringing up the rear are Pingu and Bindi on leashes. 130232654 Rendezvous 1 Abner Lico from Roots & Shoots was there to greet the pilgrims and speak to them about the work that the Jane Goodall Institute is doing with the 'Roots & Shoots' youth leadership initiative. 130232656 Erin Park Scion support vehicle Thanks to Alex Saldanha and the support team (Vishal, Teresa, Joanna & Mahima) for preventing dehydration and hypoglycemia. 130232660