2019 Ancestor's Trail Hike   

Tracing our common ancestry with all other multicellular life 
over the last billion years of evolutionary time. 
A 12.5k hike where each average stride = 60,000 years. 

What time does the event start?

'Multicellular Metazoans' will start the hike from the Erindale Park between 8:00am and 8:30am meeting up with more developed life forms as the hike north along the Culham Trail to end at the PineCliff Drive Park as Humans.

When does this event take place

The THIRD Ancestor's Trail Event for Mississauga will take place on June 23rd, 2013.  

Do you have a time frame for other 'concestors' to join the 'Metazoans' as they hike forward into time?

All times are approximate:

 Placazoans join at Burnhamthorpe around 9:00am. (Parking at the Fisherman's Parking off Riverwood)

 Jellyfish join just before the 403 at the west end of the Riverwood property around 9:15am (parking at the Riverwood Conservancy)

 Flatworms join at Wellesborough Place cul-de-sac around 9:30am (parking along Wellesborough Place)

 Lamprey and Hagfish join at Eglinton at 9:45am

 Sharks join at 10:00am near the ADM Milling plant and Ray-finned fish join at the Barber House Restaurant at 10:15am.

 Amphibians join at the Vic Johnson's Park at 10:45am and Reptiles join just south of Bristol Road at 11:00am.

 Dinosaurs flourish (and join) after the 3rd Major (Triassic-Jurassic) extinction at the Rivergrove Community Centre at 11:30am (parking at Rivergrove Community Centre.) 

 Marsupials join on the Britannia Bridge over the Credit River around 12:00pm (parking at Talisman Crt.)

 From Sir Monty's Park, Laurasitheres concestors will join the evolving pilgrims at 12:15pm on the east side of the Credit River before enduring the 5th Major Extinction which killed off the dinosaurs. (Parking at Sir Monty's Park)







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