2022 Ancestor's Trail Hike   

Tracing our common ancestry with all other multicellular life 
over the last billion years of evolutionary time. 
A 12.5k hike where each average stride = 60,000 years. 

OPTIONAL "Credit Valley Foundation" fundraising opportunity.  THIS IS NOT NECESSARY TO JOIN THE HIKE

We are taking this opportunity to raise funds for the Credit Valley Conservation Foundation that helps to maintain the beautiful trail you will be walking for this event.

On the pledge sheet (see Documents) you will notice that we have suggested you raise a dollar per kilometer walked. Based on how far you walk (ie. how evolved you think you are ;) and how many sponsors you can convince to support you, for which you can earn some rewards: (a cap or water bottle for every $25; a tote or t-shirt for every $50)

At the $25(cash, $30 online) METAZOAN level, you have a choice of a cap OR a water bottle

At the $50(cash, $60 online) DEUTEROSOME level, you have a choice of a T-shirt OR tote bag OR a cap & water bottle

At the $75(cash, $90 online) VERTEBRATE level, you have a choice of a T-shirt OR tote AND a cap OR water bottle

At the $100(cash, $120 online) MAMMAL level, you will get a T-shirt OR tote AND a cap & water bottle

At the $125(cash or $150 online) HUMAN level, you will get all four rewards.


8:00-8:30AM  If you are starting from the very beginning of the route, as a "Metazoan", you will be walking 12.5km to PineCliff Dr. park for which you will be raising $12.50 from a single sponsor or $25.00 from two sponsors... which will get you to the minimum donation to receive a complimentary water bottle or cap. 

9:00AM  On the Riverwood property you will enjoy a variety of insect, bird and plant life.  However, as you leave it, if you join the trek at Burnhamthorpe (parking at the Fishermans Park off Riverwood), you will be joining as a concestor to the Placozoans (a basal form of invertebrate), from which all other life forms evolved 780 million years ago.  From here, it is 10km to PineCliff Dr. park.

9:15AM   Joining from the western edge of the Riverwood Conservancy property just south of the 403 (parking at Riverwood), as an ancestor to Jellyfish, around 680 million years ago, you would be getting close to very rudimentary life forms that were not much more than an accumulation of individual specialized cells co-existing for their mutual benefit.  From here it would be 9km to PineCliff Dr. park.

9:30AM  You can always join as the concestors of Flatworms from Wellesborough Place at the southernmost tip of CreditPointe where we meet up around 630 million years ago at Rendezvous 27.  From here, the 8.5km to PineCliff Dr. park.

9:45AM  If you join up with us just before an explosion of evolution produced insects, crustaceans, molluscs and you will be coming aboard as the concestor of all sea squirts, lancets and ambulacarians (sea stars, sea urchins, brittle stars, sea cucumbers, feather stars, sea lilies) around 590 million years ago before protosomes and deuterosomes diverge.  This is 8km from PineCliff Dr. however you will need to walk at least half-a-km from either end to get to this point!  (Parking along Credit Pointe Drive)

10:00AM  If you join us from Rendezvous 22 at Eglinton Road, you will  be coming aboard as Lampreys and Hagfish which had a concestor with the rest of the group 530 million years ago.  From here you will be walking 7km to the end of the hike.

10:15AM  If you join up as a shark or ray at the Barbertown Road foot bridge near the ADM mill, you will be joining as the Cartilagenous aquatic sea dwellers around 460 million years ago.  From here you will be walking 6km to PineCliff Dr.

10:25AM  If you decide to join us as ray finned fish, at the Barber House Restaurant on Queens Street just south of Streetsville, you will meet up with the concestor of all bony fish, some 440 million years ago at Rendezvous 20.  You will be walking 5.8km to the end.

10:35AM  Starting from Rendezvous 18 where we meet up with the ancestors of all air breathing vertebrates about 420 million years ago, you will be joining as a LUNGFISH and be walking 5.5k to the end.(Street parking on Melody Dr.)

10:45AM   If you join the band of travellers at the Streetsville GO station (Old Station Rd) on Queens Street, around the time of the 2nd major (Late Devonian) extintion, 365 million years ago, you will be walking 5km to the end.

11:00AM  As an amphibian joining all tetrapods in our walk back in time, at the Streetsville Memorial Park (Vic Johnson's Arena) in Streetsville, you will represent the concestor of all four-legged land creatures (tetrapods) about 340 million years ago at Rendezvous 17.  This is  from where you will be walking 4.5km to PineCliff Dr. Park.

11:10AM  If you join up with mammals and marsupials at Bristol Road, at Rendezvous 16 as a reptile or bird (Sauropsid) - non-mammals with a spinal cord that is the concestor of all the reptiles and birds) 310 million years ago you will be walking 4km to the end.  (Parking at the Streetsville Cemetery)

11:30AM  If you join humans, mammals and marsupials at Rivergrove Community Centre, at the time when life on earth underwent the 3rd major (Triassic-Jurassic) extinction, 205 million years ago, leaving the dinosaurs to flourish and sparing a small portion of mammals which went on to become humans, you will be walking 2.5km to the end of the hike.

12:00PM  If you join the pilgrims at Britannia Road, as a marsupial, 140 million years ago, you will be walking 2km to PineCliff Dr. park. (Parking on Talisman Crt.)

12:15PM  If you join as a concestor of the diverse group of mammals from Rendezvous 11, meeting up with primates & rodents, 85 million years ago, in River Run Park, you will be walking 1km to the end of the hike.  (Parking at Sir Monty's Drive Park)

Please plan on joining us for a barbeque lunch at PineCliff Drive park around 12:30pm and collect your pledge rewards.  We will arrange to have carpools to drop you back to your starting point from here.  (Limited parking along PineCliff Drive or at the park)  


Ancestor's Trail Hike
8:00am Erindale Park
Stepwhere route: http://goo.gl/aJfto
Stepwhere cue sheet: http://goo.gl/TD8CV
=== TIME SCALE ====
Each 0.75m stride = 60,000 years!
Each km travelled = 80 million years!
Industrial age = 300 years = 0.5cm
Common Era = 2000 years = 2.5cm
Human Civilization = 5000 years = 6.25cm
Human agrarian society = 12,000 years = 15cm
Ice Age retreats = 18,000 years = 22.5cm
Modern man, Cro-magnon = 40,000 years = 0.5m
Homo Sapiens = 200,000 years = 2.5m
Homo erectus = 2 million years = 25m
Common ancestor with chimps = 6mya = 75m




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